Dog Training Supplies

Dog training at home can be a nightmare without the right tools. Petbay’s dog training supplies make training your puppy a walk in the park.

If you’re not sure how to train your puppy, you’re not alone. Puppy training is all about starting small and focusing on habit building, one paw at a time. Learning how to train your dog and build good habits is made so much easier when you have the right resources. It means next time you’ve got puppy brain, your tools can do the work for you.


Take dog toilets, for example. Are you wondering how to train your dog to go to the toilet outside? Ask yourself, where is the easiest place to go to the toilet? The puppy toilet next to their bed, or down the hall, around the corner and out the back door?


Expecting your puppy to magically do their business in the right spot is unrealistic. By using a puppy toilet you can build the habit of going to the bathroom in the right place. You can then start moving the puppy toilet further down the hall towards the backyard. Before long you’ll have a house-trained pup who doesn’t do their business in the kitchen (hooray!).


If you’re living in a small space without a backyard for your furry friend, training your puppy to use a dog toilet is a great idea. On the other hand, if you’re out for long hours leaving your woofer inside to fend for themselves, the dog toilet means they don’t have to hold on for long hours.


Despite all this, it’s still ruff having a pup peeing and pooping in your home. Our dog toilet works to remove odours and keep your living space as smell-free as possible. Easy to use, and quick to clean, our dog toilet aims to minimise the mess in your space. 


Dog training at home isn’t just for puppies. Our dog training supplies can be used by furry friends of all shapes, ages and sizes. 

If your woofer is barking up the wrong tree (literally, like at the tree next door where your neighbour’s cat sits all morning), or you’re having trouble with them jumping at strangers or pulling on the lead, it isn’t too late to start dog training. It’s a hard slog for a few months, but a well-trained pupper pays off in spades (and cuddles).