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  • Brand: Bell & Bone

Chicken, mint and seaweed dental sticks

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Scientifically proven to reduce plaque and fight tartar.

Made in Melbourne with the freshest ingredients.

Product description

If you're struggling with stinky breath, these dental chews have got your back. Scientifically proven to reduce plaque and fight tartar, these dog teeth cleaning sticks keep your pup's breath fresh, and teeth clean.

Is stinky, eye-watering, doggy breath ruining snuggle time? Don't worry, Bell & Bone's  dental sticks for dogs are your stinky breath saviours. Made with two active ingredients, these dental chews are scientifically proven to reduce plaque and tartar when given daily. 

Made in Melbourne with the freshest ingredients, these dental chews go easy on sensitive stomachs. They're made with chicken packed with protein, mint to freshen breath and seaweed to fight plaque and tartar.

With seven sticks per pack, we've got your weekly dental chews covered. Need something to keep your pupper amused while you fetch something from the shops? Hide these dental sticks for dogs around the house and they'll have to sniff it out. Doggos are just like hoomans, a treat is always tastier if you have to work for it. 

These dog teeth cleaning sticks passed the chew test, and their unique three pronged shape is hound approved. With a tough, meaty texture, they‚Äôre the perfect treat for your pup to sink their teeth into. 

Want to get your best mate‚'s taste buds tingling? Try Bell & Bone's other flavour combos: duck with mint and cinnamon, lamb with mint and Manuka honey, salmon with mint and charcoal, and kangaroo with mint and turmeric.

We know making sure your best friend is happy and healthy is a top priority. Keeping your pup healthy doesn't stop at their diet, your hound needs to hydrate too. Make sure your furry friend always has fresh, clean water available in case they get thirsty.

Feeding guide

Bell & Bone recommends your doggo chomps on one of their dental chews daily for the best results

Product size: Small, suitable for dogs under 10kg
Product size: Medium, suitable for dogs 10 - 25kg

Nutritional information

Typical Analysis: Per 100g
Metabolisable energy (ME: 281.7 KJ
Crude protein: 18.4%
Crude fibre: 1.3%
Crude fat: 2.3%
Salt: 1.3%

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Chicken, mint and seaweed dental sticks