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Snooze in style with Petbay’s pet beds and pet kennels. Our range of pet beds and dog houses were created to supercharge your pup’s sleep.
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Every good sleep starts with a high quality, comfy bed. Whether your furry friend loves an afternoon snooze in the sun or prefers to curl up in the corner, it’s important they have a place to call their own. Although the couch and your bed are great for cuddle-time, pups need a place to themselves. This way, if you’re out at work, they still have a safe and secure place to snooze.

You shouldn’t have to put up with pet beds in your living room that clash with your colour scheme. Our pet beds come in bush green and sand; the perfect neutral colour palette for any modern living space. The same applies to your dog house. Pet kennels should complement your outdoor furniture, not stick out like a sore thumb. Our pet kennels come in a range of colours so there’s something to match every home.

Soft and comfy, our range of pet beds have been created to supercharge your pup’s snooze. Our beds are like a dog mattress bed but with a raised rim. This way, the pet beds in our collection give your floof a spot to snuggle, mimicking cuddles on the couch. Our yawn-worthy collection will have you wondering why you can’t buy dog beds in hooman sizes (we asked, but they’re strictly for doggos).

At Petbay, we know that your furry friends can get up to mischief when you’re not around. Digging in the garden, rolling around in the backyard and playing at the park means they get stinky pretty quickly. Obviously, you want to buy dog beds that are easily washable. Our entire range of beds are machine washable. Just unzip, remove the cushions and pop it in the washing machine.

Our range of pet kennels cater to dogs of all shapes and sizes, and there’s something for every pooch, pup or pal. Our dog houses are also weatherproof so you and your doggo can sleep soundly knowing they’re safe, cosy and protected from the rain.

Our range of pet beds and pet kennels were chosen because they’re durable. We know that sometimes your cheeky chomper can’t resist ripping up their bed or chewing at their kennel. That’s why we made sure our range is as chew-proof as possible. Say goodbye to having to continually buy dog beds and buy dog kennels – these pet beds and dog houses are built to last.