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Airline approved dog crate

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Our IATA compliant pet crate will help keep your pet comfy when jetting off on your next adventure

Heavy duty chrome doors feature rotated lock mechanisms for trouble free access but also protection at busy airports

Product description

Jetting off and in need of an airline approved pet carrier? There's no excuse for leaving your dog behind when you have Petbay's Airline Approved Dog Crate. 

If you're heading off on an interstate or overseas jaunt, you don't need to leave your woofer behind (imagine the puppy dog eyes you'd get on the way out the door –  unbearable!). Our aircraft pet carriers are built for adventures, and our Departures range IATA compliant pet crate is ideal for airline transportation. The airline dog crate design is made to keep your pupper comfy on bumpy flights and comes with wheels so you can easily move around the airport.

Petbay's Airline Approved Dog Crate features the same high quality plastic resins used in all our products, delivering durability for a lifetime of use. We choose our aircraft pet carriers carefully, with your woofer's safety and comfort front of mind. Ventilation slits provide the best air circulation so your pup can feel easy breezy on the way to their next destination. Heavy duty chrome doors feature rotated lock mechanisms for trouble free access but also protection at busy airports. 

No one likes travelling on planes, but this airline approved pet carrier is designed to make air travel a little easier for our furry friends. Want to make your pet feel as homely and relaxed as possible on their journey too? Check out some of Petbay’s plush toys – you can place them inside the pet carrier and entertain your doggos during travel time.

Whether you're after a quick and easy to assemble portable pet carrier, or an open top carrier that's a bit more breathable, we have pet travel carriers for everyone. They come in a wide range of sizes with something for pets of every shape and stage of life. 


Maximum Capacity: 7KG
Length: 510mm
Width: 338mm
Height: 337mm

Maximum Capacity: 10KG
Length: 610mm
Width: 425mm
Height: 409mm


Consult your veterinarian about your pets’ needs before travelling.

Please check with your airline for specific rules and requirements.

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Airline approved dog crate