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  • Brand: Celer

Pet grooming comb

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Celer’s pin comb is a pet rake comb that grooms your furry friend and makes it easier to stay on top of your pet’s shedding

Celer’s pet rake comb is suitable for dogs and cats with fine and long haired coats

Product description

Tangled coat after one prance at the park? Hair all over the house? Celer’s pin comb will have your pup or feline friend looking and feeling their best. This fine pet comb is great for use after a deshedder, and can help you stay on top of those hairy hounds and furry felines. 

Celer’s pet rake comb is suitable for dogs and cats with fine and long haired coats. The pins gently glide through the coat to detangle and remove dead fur without causing breakage. Designed to reduce snagging and catching while grooming means that less fur is pulled out from the roots, making it much gentler on your best friend’s skin. 

Combing separates the fur, keeping your pet looking its best. This fine pet comb should be used prior to bathing as water will tighten and worsen tangles. This pet rake comb can be used all over the coat to find any matted patches and stimulate blood flow and increase natural coat oils. This small, fine pet comb also has 25 pins, meaning it can get right into the thick of matts and tangles without pain or discomfort for your pet.

This high quality pet rake comb is also made for comfortable usage for you too. The stainless steel teeth are strong and sharp and will last for years. The anti-slip rubber and ergonomic handle also gives you a comfortable grip while combing your pet. 

Brushing is more than grooming though;it improves your pet’s skin and coat health and reduces the amount of hair shed around your home. We know brushing and deshedding your pet can be a painstaking process, so we set out to make it easier.  Petbay’s grooming supplies will have your pet feeling and looking good with the added bonus of helping to keep your bed, couch and home hair-free. Whether you’ve got a small pooch, a sly cat, or a big woofer, our wide range of pet grooming products means there’s a grooming kit for every furry friend.




> Suitable for daily care of pets with medium and long hair. For messy or fluffy pets, it’s recommended to use an undercoat rake to dredge first and then use the pin comb for better results.

> Feet are sensitive parts of your pet and should be combed gently. When lifting the foot, lift it naturally along the direction of the joint, and don't bend it forcibly.

> The back and abdomen should be gently combed in the direction of the hair.

> When brushing the tail, make sure you brush very gently as it might give your pet a little shock.

> Combing once a day can make the pet's hair healthier. It will also reduce the hair floating in the home.


Extreme pressure of the skin will lead to skin inflammation, so be particularly careful to treat animals with skin dermatitis and avoid sensitive areas around the face & paws.

Do not use for other purpose except for dogs and cats.

Keep away from children.

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Pet grooming comb

$12.99 AUD