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  • Brand: Celer

Undercoat rake

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If you need an undercoat rake for dogs or a cat rake that makes grooming a breeze, then Celer’s undercoat rake is the perfect tool for you and your pet pal

The two-sided design offers two different options when it comes to combing your pet

Product description

Tangled coat after one prance at the park? Hair all over the house? Celer’s Undercoat Rake will have your pup or feline friend looking and feeling their best. This Celer grooming tool works through tough matts and tangles and can be used on all types of coats, cats, dogs and other long haired pets. 

Had a bad experience with undercoat rakes in the past? You don’t have to worry about hurting your pet with this rake, as it’s made for comfort and is designed to provide a much safer experience than the traditional sickle shaped matt combs. The cat rake/dog rake brush has sharp teeth to prevent pulling on your pet’s hairs, and the rounded ends make it safer on the skin than an undercoat rake. This two sided comb helps work through stubborn matts and provides protection without scratching your furry friend’s undercoat.

The two-sided design offers two different options when it comes to combing your pet. The six teeth side works as a dematting rake for stubborn matts and tangles, while the 11 teeth side works as an undercoat rake for faster results in thinning and de-shedding. 

This high quality brush is also made for comfortable hooman use,  too. Whether you use this undercoat rake for dogs, or as a cat rake, the stainless steel teeth are strong and sharp and will last for years. Plus, the anti-slip rubber and ergonomic handle also gives you a comfortable grip while combing your pet. 

We know brushing and deshedding your pet can be a painstaking process, so we set out to make it easier with this undercoat rake. Pet Bay’s grooming supplies will have your pet feeling and looking good with the added bonus of keeping your bed, couch and home hair-free. Whether you’ve got a small pooch, a sly cat, or a big woofer, our wide range of pet grooming products means there’s a grooming kit for every furry friend.




1. Hold your pet and comb from up to down several times.

2. From top to the bottom, remove the loose hair smoothly.

3. Don’t comb too hard when working through your pet’s hair.

4. When finished, use a pin comb to groom your pet.


Extreme pressure of the skin will lead to skin inflammation, so be particularly careful to treat animals with skin dermatitis and avoid sensitive areas around the face & paws.

Do not use for other purpose except for dogs and cats.

Keep away from children.

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Undercoat rake

$15.95 AUD