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  • Brand: Troopets

Frisbee plush pet toy

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Troopets’ squeaky soft frisbee dog toy keeps the fun going (and going and going)

This soft bite dog frisbee does it all

Product description

Your woofer will go barking mad for Troopets Frisbee Dog Toy. Mum always said don't throw balls in the house but this rule definitely doesn't apply to this soft bite dog frisbee. This Frisbee Dog Toy is made to be flung around anywhere – the plush insides mean it won't break the family china. 

This soft bite dog frisbee does it all. It has a squeaker your furry friend will love to sink their teeth into, and a frisbee shape that's perfect for the park.

If you‚'re looking for a soft frisbee for small dogs, you've come to the right place. This frisbee dog toy has a 23 cm diameter, making it the perfect choice for small to medium dogs. 

The dog frisbee's three-pronged shape makes it ideal for games of tug. There's room for three – you, your woofer and the doggo next door. The soft frisbee dog toy's handholds are great for woofers who have wandering chompers and tend to mistake fingers for toys (we've all been there). 

Although some people think playtime is just fun and games, it‚'s super important for mental stimulation. Doggos are just like hoomans – they need mental stimulation or they get distracted (with digging up the backyard or chewing up the couch). The best bit? By scheduling some playtime day-to-day, you and your best friend get some precious bonding time. 

Teeth-friendly, this plush dog toy goes easy on baby teeth, doesn't splinter and isn't easily swallowable, making it perfect for little pups.

Troopets soft frisbee dog toy comes in bush green and sand.

If you're looking to power-up playtime, try Troopet's other toys – they've got a bone dog toy, raccoon dog toy, candy dog toy and duck dog toy.


Troopets soft frisbee dog toy has a 23cm diameter.

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Frisbee plush pet toy

$12.95 AUD
$9.06 AUD