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  • Brand: Refuresh

Deshedding Brush for Long fur coat

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The tool's ergonomic design and L-shaped edges easily glide over your pet’s coat without irritation.

Adjustable comb head allows you to reach every angle with ease

Product description

Refuresh’s Long Hair Deshedding Tool is a must-have dog grooming tool designed to keep your long-haired furry friend looking and feeling their best. This tool effectively reduces shedding by up to 99%, ensuring a cleaner home and a happier pet. 

Refuresh’s Long Hair Deshedding Tool simplifies grooming at every stage. It's easy to use and gentle on your pet’s sensitive skin, turning grooming into a painless, enjoyable experience for both you and your woofer. The single swipe disposal mechanism effortlessly get's rid of loose fur on the brush making the grooming session efficient and effective.

Is the long fur coat brush right for your furry friend?

The Refuresh deshedding tool for long haired dogs is suitable for fur shedding breeds Alaskan malamutes, American eskimos, bichons, border collies, cavalier king charles', corgis, golden retrievers and more. These brushed are also suitable for specific cat breeds.

Give us a ring if you are unsure which brush would be the best suited for your furry friend.

If the brush recommended by our professionals does not work for your pooch we will offer you a complete refund and cover the shipping charges for the return as well.

*This tool is not suitable for dogs with very soft hair.


43mm brush head

63mm brush head

97mm brush head


To reduce shedding up to 99%, aim to have a deshedding session once a week. Before you start deshedding, remove any large knots and tangles. Start by gently moving the Refuresh dog deshedder down your furry friend’s coat, brushing in the same direction as their hair. Start from the head and work your way towards the tail. Don’t apply too much pressure – let the weight of the tool do the work. Be sure to use caution around sensitive areas, including your pup’s stomach, legs and genitals. Snuggles must be given after deshedding (and that’s an order).


Extreme pressure to the skin will lead to inflammation, so be careful when treating animals with skin dermatitis and avoid sensitive areas around the face and paws. Don’t use this deshedding brush for anything other than deshedding long-haired dogs. Keep away from children.

*Not suitable for dogs with long and super fine/soft dogs such as:
Samoyed, Pomeranian, Chow Chow...

Refuresh recommends a Dog Comb, Slicker Brush or Under Coat Rake for above mentioned breeds or breeds with similar hair characteristics.

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Deshedding Brush for Long fur coat