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Long hair dog – deshedding tool

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Want to reduce dog shedding up to 99%? You need Refuresh’s fur deshedder

Refuresh’s fur deshedder is made for a variety of long haired furry friends

Product description

Refuresh’s Long Hair Deshedding Tool is hound-approved (we asked and they woofed right back). Made with your woofer’s health top of mind, Refuresh’s dog grooming tools will have your doggo looking and feeling their best.

Refuresh’s fur deshedder is made for a variety of long haired furry friends, including Alaskan malamutes, American eskimos, bichons, border collies, Cavalier King Charles’, corgis and golden retrievers.

Just like hoomans swap jeans for shorts and long-sleeves for t-shirts when the weather warms up, long-haired doggos lose their winter coat in the summer months.

Long-haired doggos typically have two coats: an undercoat and a topcoat, and they usually shed their topcoat for summer. Although this is great for the beach, it’s not so great for your couch, your bed, and your floor, which tends to collect fur in the springtime.

Refuresh’s dog deshedder means you don’t have to wrestle with the vacuum cleaner (aka your dog’s nemesis), as it catches your woofer’s hair before it falls on the furniture.

Grooming a long-haired floofer can feel overwhelming, but it’s all about having the right dog grooming tools. Refuresh’s deshedding Tool for Long Haired Dogs is the best deshedding tool for long-haired dogs because it’s easy to use, doesn’t irritate skin, and reduces shedding up to 99% – you can’t argue with that.

The Refuresh deshedding tool for long haired dogs is easy AND effective. You don’t have to chase your hound around the house or bribe them with bones – this fur deshedder makes grooming as painless as possible. It isn’t uncomfy or irritating, and the tool’s L-shaped edges mean it glides over your woofer’s coat. It also has an adjustable comb head so you can reach your woofer from all angles.

The dog deshedder’s ejector function releases the hair so it doesn’t get caught up in the brush or dropped all over the floor.

Say goodbye to a hairy house and hello to a good looking woofer.

Is your furry friend long-haired?

The Refuresh deshedding tool for long haired dogs is suitable for pups and pooches with short hair.

Breeds that can use this fur deshedder include: Alaskan malamutes, American eskimos, bichons, border collies, cavalier king charles', corgis, golden retrievers and more

*This tool is not suitable for dogs with very soft hair.

If you’re not sure what dog grooming equipment you should use on your pupper, we’d love to help you sniff out the right stuff – get in touch.


43mm brush head

63mm brush head

97mm brush head


To reduce shedding up to 99%, aim to have a deshedding session once a week. Before you start deshedding, remove any large knots and tangles. Start by gently moving the Refuresh dog deshedder down your furry friend’s coat, brushing in the same direction as their hair. Start from the head and work your way towards the tail. Don’t apply too much pressure – let the weight of the tool do the work. Be sure to use caution around sensitive areas, including your pup’s stomach, legs and genitals. Snuggles must be given after deshedding (and that’s an order).


Extreme pressure to the skin will lead to inflammation, so be careful when treating animals with skin dermatitis and avoid sensitive areas around the face and paws. Don’t use this deshedding brush for anything other than deshedding long-haired dogs. Keep away from children.

*Not suitable for dogs with long and super fine/soft dogs such as:
Samoyed, Pomeranian, Chow Chow...

Refuresh recommends a Dog Comb, Slicker Brush or Under Coat Rake for above mentioned breeds or breeds with similar hair characteristics.

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Long hair dog – deshedding tool