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  • Brand: Hiro+Wolf

Shuka blue cat collar

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Handmade Collar

The collar is easily adjustable to fit all sized cats

Product description

Our handmade adjustable cat collar designed to ensure the safety of your feline friend. This collar is a safer alternative to traditional metal buckle collars, with a stretchy elastic safety strip that will expand under pressure, allowing your cat to release themselves if caught.

Our collar is made from smooth cotton and lined with velveteen for extra softness. It's easily adjustable to fit all sizes of cats and features a small, strong D-ring and a jingly bell to warn off birds and other wildlife. The D-ring can also be used to attach an ID tag with your emergency contact details.

Our collar is also adorned with a leather label that boasts our 'Hiro + Wolf' branding stamped directly into the leather itself, ensuring that the logo will not rub off over time.

The collar is made from durable Masai ‘shuka’ fabric, which is a traditional Kenyan material worn by the Masai people. The red, white, and blue fabric is not only hardwearing but also easy to clean.

When fitting the collar onto your cat, make sure that you can fit two fingers under the collar for comfort and safety.

With our handmade adjustable cat collar, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is both safe and stylish.


31.5cm cm long
(Cat collars are all adjustable, one size fits all)

Care instructions

To ensure your cat collar has a long life we recommend hand-washing when necessary using a mild detergent or warm soapy water and rinsing thoroughly. You can remove the metal ring fitting and/or bell prior to washing so that it does not snag on any other fabrics. Always leave to dry naturally. Do not tumble dry or put on the radiator as this will cause the leather label to crack. If you need to make your cat collar a smaller size you can cut it down and carefully burn the end of the threads using a lighter to avoid fraying or unravelling stiches. Please note that cat collars that have been cut to size will no longer be able to be returned for any reason.

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Shuka blue cat collar

$22.49 AUD