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  • Brand: Troopets

Soothing lavender dog soap

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This sweet-smelling lavender organic dog soap makes bathing your furry friend a walk in the park

This all-natural, organic dog soap is free from synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals that irritate sensitive skin

Product description

Troopets lavender soap for dogs cleans and conditions your furry friend's coat, and will have you chasing your canine around the house just to catch a whiff. 

This all-natural, organic dog soap is free from synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals that irritate sensitive skin, and it's also a natural flea repellent. Troopets specifically designed lavender soap for dogs to be as gentle as possible, which is why their dog soaps can be used on hooman hands too. This dog soap cleans and hydrates, without stripping the skin of natural oils. 

Troopets lavender soap for dogs is made with Lavandin oil, an essential oil known for its calming properties, and hydrating organic shea butter, which means it cleans and nourishes all at once. The dog soap's careful concoction of lavandin oil and shea butter makes bath time a therapeutic experience (rather than a big wet mess). 

This dog soap will have your floof feeling fresh, smelling extraordinary, and looking like they've come straight from the salon – they'll be the talk of the dog park. 

Cruelty-free, all-natural and never tested on animals, Troopet's dog soap is one of the best natural dog soaps in Australia. 

Grooming your dog doesn‚'t have to be a bore or a bother. Bathing your furry friend gives you the opportunity to give your woofer the scratch of their dreams (it's the hooman equivalent of a trip to the hairdresser). Once your furry friend is all foamed up, it's time for a massage. Whether they're partial to a pat behind the ears or go barking mad for belly rubs, every doggo has a sweet spot.

If you're loving Troopets' soap, there's more where that came from  – they've got eucalyptus and lemon myrtle soap too. Check out their full range of soaps, shampoos and conditioners here.


Sodium palmate, palm kernelate. water. glycerin, organic shea butter, sodium chloride, sodium gluconate, lavandin oil


1. Run the bath, and test the water temperature on your wrist to make sure it’s lukewarm
2. Rinse your woofer with warm water
3. Put the organic dog soap under the hot tap to get it melty and sudsy
4. Cue doggy massage. Work up a rich, bubbly lather and get your floofer foamy. Just like hoomans, woofers need extra attention in some areas, like behind their ears, paws and tail. Rise your furry friend until they’re soap-free and looking sparkling clean
5. Towel dry, snuggle and watch the salon shine appear!

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Soothing lavender dog soap