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Air dried chicken strips

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These all-natural, grain-free chicken strip dog treats are easy on the stomach and tasty on the tongue

Made with chicken, lamb and vegetables

Product description

Chicken jerky for dogs? Drool-worthy. These all-natural, grain-free chicken strip dog treats are easy on the stomach and tasty on the tongue. Whether you're after a treat for training or something to fill the post-dinner void, these chicken treats for dogs hit the spot. 

Petbay's chicken strip dog treats come in long, meaty strips, making them perfect for the pupper that loves to chomp down on something substantial. Hide one of these chicken dog treats in the backyard before you leave for the day, or give it to your pooch as an after-dinner dog snack after a long, hard day (or a short, easy one‚ who doesn't love dessert every day). They're also easy to break up if you're after something more bite-sized for training, or walkies. 

If you're a sucker for those puppy dog eyes but worry about your pooch putting on the pounds, these are a great option. Made with chicken, lamb and vegetables, they're full of the good stuff without any of the fattening by-products (unlike other chicken dog treats on the market!)  

These dog snacks are made with local ingredients to ensure freshness. You may not notice freshness, but your furry friend sure will. You can't go wrong with this chicken jerky for dogs; it's sure to get taste buds tingling.

If your furry friend is craving more, try our other flavours: beef, and lamb with salmon!

We know making sure your best friend is happy and healthy is a top priority. Keeping your pup healthy doesn't stop at their diet, your hound needs to hydrate too. Make sure your furry friend always has fresh, clean water available in case they get thirsty.


Chicken meat, chicken offal, lamb lung, vegetable fibre.

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Air dried chicken strips