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Air dried lamb & salmon strips

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Mouth-watering salmon and lamb jerky dog treats for the pooch that likes the finer things

Made with just lamb, Atlantic salmon and veggies

Product description

We know your pooch deserves only the best. Petbay's Air-Dried Lamb & Salmon Dog Treats are up to scratch. The unique flavour profile of these salmon and lamb jerky dog treats make them the perfect addition to your snack cupboard. If you've got a fussy floofer that gets bored easily, these munchies are sure to mix up their feeding routine.

People say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but they haven't tried training with these delicious, chewy treats. Can't get your woofer to listen when they're playing at the park? Try giving them a little of these salmon and dried lamb lung dog treats. Easily broken up into bite-sized pieces, these salmon and dehydrated lamb dog treats are great for on-the-go.

Made with just lamb, Atlantic salmon and veggies, these chews are natural and grain-free, and full to the brim of the good stuff. Your doggo will be bounding about with all their new-found energy. 

Struggling to stop your hound stressing when you leave the house? Bribe them with these scrumptious lamb and salmon dog treats. Petbay's Air-Dried Lamb & Salmon Dog Treats come in long, meaty strips, which give your pooch something to grip and rip. 

These are the best salmon dog treats to get even the most mischievous pups sitting upright, (they're dog whisperer level good). Fetch these from the cupboard whenever you need some extra amo to get your canine concentrating. 

Want more flavours for your furry friend? Petbay's mouth-watering munchies also come in chicken and beef.

We know making sure your best friend is happy and healthy is a top priority. Keeping your pup healthy doesn't stop at their diet, your hound needs to hydrate too. Make sure your furry friend always has fresh, clean water available in case they get thirsty.


Lamb heart, lamb lung, lamb liver, Atlantic salmon, vegetable fibre

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Air dried lamb & salmon strips