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  • Brand: Troopets

Bone plush pet toy

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Troopet’s Dog Bone Toy will turn tail wags into full-body wobbles

Perfect for fetch or tug (or for hiding around the house or cuddling in bed)

Product description

At Petbay, we know that your woofer loves squeaky, chewy toys, and Troopets' bone plush toy squeaks to the max. This sturdy squeaker toy bone will have your four-legged friend running around the yard in excitement. Troopets' plush bone dog toy is perfect for fetch or tug (or for hiding around the house or cuddling in bed). 

Troopets' bone-shaped dog toy is 15 cm wide and 26 cm long. It's the perfect toy for your pupper to sink their teeth into – without mistaking it for hooman hands. If you'e got a woofer whose teeth seem to wander during playtime, give this toy a go. The plush bone dog toy's two bony handholds give you and your dog something to attach to – no more chewed up hands! 

We know some woofers have powerful chompers and can destroy new toys in mere minutes, so we love that Troopets‚Äô dog bone toy is built to last. Made from linen with a rope lining, it's hardy and tough and won't get torn up instantaneously. 

Troopets' toy bone is perfect for puppies, as the teeth-friendly construction won't hurt baby teeth, splinter or be easily swallowed in tiny mouths. Use this plush bone dog toy to find out your dog's favourite way to play – do they like tug, fetch or something in-between? (Cuddles are also accepted.)

We also know your furry friends get up to mischief in the backyard, so we love that this plush bone dog toy is machine washable.

Troopets' bone-shaped dog toy comes in bush green and sand.

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This bone plush toy is 15cm wide and 26cm long.

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Bone plush pet toy

$12.95 AUD