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  • Brand: Troopets

Duck plush pet toy

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Troopets' durable duck dog toy goes the extra mile. It's squeaker will get tails waggin’

Made with a squeaker in the centre, this duck dog toy is quacking good

Product description

Troopet's Duck Plush Toy will have your woofer doing the happy dance before you even finish fetching it from the cupboard.

Every pooch, pup and pal is different. They all have their favourite form of play – some woofers want to chew their toys, while others want to take their toy and run around the backyard in circles (there's no rhyme or reason for this, but it's pretty damn cute). We love Troopets Duck Plush Toy because it's suitable for all levels of chewers and chompers.  

The high quality, hardy material means it will last the mile if your woofer wants something to sink their teeth into – they can grip and rip this duck dog toy to their heart's content. If you've got a pup who loves to play but isn't the tug type, this stuffed duck dog toy will keep them busy. Hide it around the house for them to discover or get it out at an unpredictable moment and watch them zoom around the yard with glee. 

Made with a squeaker in the centre, this duck dog toy is quacking good. There's nothing better than watching your woofer successfully find the squeaker – they'll gnaw away at it like it's nobody's business. 

This stuffed duck toy for dogs is puppy-friendly too. As a duck plush toy, it goes easy on baby teeth. It isn't too hard, won't splinter and there's no risk of swallowing. If your puppy's sharp pins are finding their way onto hands and feet, try using this stuffed duck dog toy to redirect their teething. 

We know your woofers love to get down and dirty in the backyard, which is why we love that  Troopets Duck Plush Toy is fully machine washable. Just pop it in the machine and watch the magic happen.

Troopets Duck Plush Toy comes in bush green, sand and cream.

If you're looking to power-up playtime, try Troopet's other toys – they've got a frisbee dog toy, candy dog toy and bone dog toy.


Troopet’s knotted rope dog toy is 15cm wide and 23cm long

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Duck plush pet toy

$12.95 AUD