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  • Brand: Troopets

Candy rope pet toy

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One game of tug with this knotted rope dog toy and you’ll be the favourite pawrent

Made from linen and rope, this plush dog toy is built to last

Product description

There's nothing quite like a new soft dog toy, and Troopets candy rope dog toy will have your woofer's tail wagging non-stop. 

Made from linen and rope, this plush dog toy is built to last. We know some woofers tend to tear toys apart in mere minutes, so we chose this dog pull toy rope because it's one of the best dog rope toys on the market, and is perfect for all kinds of play.

What's better than a candy rope dog toy? A candy rope dog toy with a squeaker. Your woofer won't know what to do with themself when they find that sweet-squeak spot. 

After a long day at home, when the couch starts to look tasty and chewable, this candy rope dog toy comes to the rescue. This knotted rope dog toy has two handholds, making it the perfect game for two – simply grab one end and let your hound tug to their heart's content. Two separate handholds mean there's no mistaking your hand for the toy. 

Teeth-friendly, this knotted rope dog toy goes easy on baby teeth, doesn't splinter and isn't easily swallowable, making it perfect for little pups. Use this soft dog toy to redirect sharp puppy pins from hands and feet.

Troopet's knotted rope dog toy comes in bush green, sand and cream. 

If you're looking to power-up playtime, try Troopet's other toys –  they've got a frisbee dog toybone dog toy and duck dog toy.


Troopet’s knotted rope dog toy is 10cm wide and 30cm long.

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Candy rope pet toy

$14.95 AUD